Juniper Glass


Activities within PhiLab: Juniper is advising PhiLab on partnership development and knowledge transfer strategy. The aim is to ensure that the knowledge generated through PhiLab is grounded in the realities of foundations and their stakeholders and contributes to advancing grantmaking practices in Canada. Juniper’s research interests include grantee-foundation relations, social change philanthropy, grantmaking in support of systems change, and funder collaboration.

Autres activités: Juniper Glass is Principal of Lumiere Consulting, which provides research, evaluation, partnership development, and strategic planning services to philanthropic organizations and national nonprofits. Juniper draws on over 20 years of nonprofit experience, having practiced in many fields including youth leadership, gender equity, sustainability, housing, food security and solidarity with Indigenous communities. Juniper volunteers with the Foundation of Greater Montreal’s Community Engagement Committee, the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal and Mikana: Reconciliation in Action. She holds a Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership from Carleton University.

Juniper is a frequent contributor to dialogue on philanthropy in Canada. In addition to her publications, she often designs and leads sessions at sector events, including Philanthropy as Civic Engagement (Oct 2018, Philanthropic Foundations of Canada); Listening to Indigenous Voices (Oct 2017, Philanthropic Foundations of Canada); Vital Signs: Beyond the Numbers (May 2017, Community Foundations of Canada); Can Nonprofits be Everything to Everyone? Approaches to the management of multiple stakeholder relationships for greater nonprofit accountability (June 2015, Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research conference).


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