Heather O'Watch


Heather is a Nakota and Plains Cree woman from the Okanese First Nation located in Treaty 4 Territory, she also has paternal ties to Cegakin (Carry The Kettle) First Nation. Heather has recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Indigenous Studies with hopes of entering in a Master’s Degree in 2021. Heather also has a diploma in Indigenous Communication Arts (INCA). Heather has a concentrated focus on media however, has vast experience in community research and community development. Her community research experiences have been in; Water Governance and Policy, Aging Health and Dementia research amongst Indigenous people, and Sexual Reproduction Health Rights amongst Indigenous women in Canada. Heather has work experience internationally in Colombia working in youth and rural community development. While Heather was in her undergraduate, she was an advocate for Indigenous rights and post-secondary education. She previously was the 1st First Nations woman to be elected amongst the executive at the University of Regina Students’ Union and was also associated with the First Nation University of Canada’s Students Association as a past member and president. Along with her advocacy work, she was the provincial representative on the national executive for the Canadian Federations of Students. Heather hopes to continue her higher education as well as work to provide and support Indigenous communities through research and policy.


O’Watch, Heather. (2020) Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network Final Report, Morning Star Lodge, An Indigenous Community-Based Health Research Lab


Heather is an avid archer and has participated in the 1st World Indigenous Peoples Games in Palmas, Brazil in 2015 along with the North American Indigenous Games.