Tareq Hardan


I study Communities – Academic Partnerships (CAPs) in Social work & Welfare practice in transnational contexts. CAPs are shaped through environmental, institutional, communal, and personal factors that influence communities’ well-being and Higher Education Institutions` (HEIs) purpose. While most Social work & Welfare research on CAPs is dispersed. I decidedly take an ecological lens to study the collective outcomes of McGill School of Social Work ICAN Fellowship on Fellows, HEIs, and their communities in the Middle East, then construct its meaning in each context to synthesize the innovative features of CAPs. It is embedded within my work a quintessential dedication to social work`s knowledge integration, mobilization, and translation. To do this, I intend to mix methods, using ethnographic and participatory research to understand mechanisms on the ground, and then utilize econometric tools and large-scale administrative data-sets to analyze and track CAPs effects.


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Prix et Distinctions

  • McGill School of Social Work 2016 – 2019 McCall MacBain Fellowship. Awarded by McGill University School of social work, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Cornell University 2017 School of Criticism and Theory. Award by Al-Quds University – Riyad Al-Ghussein Educational Fellowship for professional advancement, West Bank, Palestine.
  • Brown University 2017 International Advanced Research Institutes. Awarded by Watson Institute, Brown University, Rhode Island, United States.
  • University of Graz Group Dynamics Lab, 2016 T-Group Training. Awarded by, University of Graz Center of Social competence, Graz, Austria.
  • Kobe University – Japan Foundation, 2011 Intellectual exchange. Awarded by; The Japan Foundation, Tokyo, Japan.