Heidi Weigand


Dr. Heidi Weigand is a member of the Safe Assured research team in Dalhousie’s Rowe School of Business, who focuses on leadership development, systemic discrimination and resiliency. Examples of her work include: the study of a leader’s ability to manage the balance of positive and negative emotions and the extent to which this practice vicariously affects the development of an innovative mindset in followers; the study of motivating factors that influence Generation Z leaders to drive responsible change; how the Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter movements are changing GenZ and Millennial perceptions of kindness; and, the study of health-care leaders and the extent to which they inform patient safety health-care policy and the impacts of COVID-19. Heidi is a research member of PhiLab’s Atlantic hub and Indigenous Research Cluster.


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Prix et distinctions

  • Commerce Professor of the Year (2018)

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

  • Commerce Professor of the Year (2017)

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

  • Commerce Professor of the Year (2015)

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

  • Darkside Case Competition Award Finalist (2009)

Darkside Case Competition, Montreal, Canada.


Prior to completion of her Ph.D. in Management, Heidi held senior leadership roles in the high-tech industry with Xerox Corporation and IBM Canada Ltd. She has extensive experience working with First Nation leaders and Communities with a passion for cultivating self-governing practices and sustainable communities. Heidi is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and serves as Chair of the Board for Motivate Canada, and a board member for Venture 2 Impact.