Axelle Marjolin


I am a researcher at the Centre for Social Impact, UNSW Sydney with over seven years’ experience in academic and applied research aimed at addressing social problems, such as financial exclusion. I am also a third-year Scientia Ph.D. Scholar at UNSW Sydney. My doctoral research seeks to progress current understandings of the factors that facilitate or hinder philanthropy-supported capacity building in non-profit organizations by investigating their experiences through a power lens.


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Prix et distinctions


Co-recipient, 2018

UNSW Business School Staff Excellence Award 2018


Co, Recipient, 2013

Money Smart Week Award 2013


When I am not sitting behind a computer, I love doing things with my hands: making things, baking things, growing things… or at least trying! I refuse to choose between cats and dogs – I’ll have one (or three!) of each please.