Presentation: Ethno-cultural perspectives and practices in philanthropy and entrepreneurship engagement

This presentation was made at Congress 2022 at the Association of Nonprofit and Social Economy Annual Conference held on May 14, 2022. The presentation provided an overview of a Literature Review,  funded by Phil Lab that supported research undertaken by Mount Royal University research assistant, Linda Symmes. The literature review provides an overview of an examination of developments in research on immigrant/newcomer philanthropy in Canada.  The review aimed to identify the antecedent factors that influence immigrant and newcomer philanthropic practices, that are often informed from individual experiences in a newcomer’s country of origin (COO). It also examined the factors that support or discourage charitable giving once living in Canada as well as how entrepreneurial engagement and philanthropic engagement may be linked. Five core themes emerged based upon a review of 112 studies, articles and government documents.  This review was conducted from March – June 2022.

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Pearl, C.M.L. , Chowdhury, R.,  Hussain, T. , &  Symmes, L. (2022). « Ethno-cultural perspectives and practices in philanthropy and entrepreneurship engagement: A literature review« .  Congress 2022 Presentation at the Association of Nonprofit & Social Economy Research Conference.