Mapping of Foundations Associated with Professional Sport Clubs – Phase 1

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Undeniably, sport plays an important role in our lives. Sport is a common societal denominator for many citizens in Canada and globally. Many believe that sport even possesses the ability to break down barriers, teach life skills, build character, unify people of different ethnic backgrounds and transcend social classes. Yet, the countless forms of physical activity aggregated under the broad banner of sport have also served as technologies to categorize and discipline individuals, to differentiate nations, to identify “others” and then to laud these constructed differences. Moreover, throughout history, sport has often been marshalled, as an element of control through diversion strategies.

To the extent that some authors even argue that modern nations can be viewed as the effect of rich and complex relationships forged by great social and cultural institutions—institutions that include mass media, religion, education, and professional sports (Giulianotti, 1999).

Professional sports clubs in Canada are present in every parts of the country. Many clubs have created foundations associated with their sport club. Nevertheless, we lack understanding about those foundations. This is in part, because there are currently little research been done on the professional sports clubs and their associated foundations.

A lot of money are collected and benefit the communities. However, with the COVID-19challenges on professional sports (some without spectators for a while), additional challenges will be present on those foundations in fundraising (some funds are coming from different activities – for example: 50/50, events with players’ appearances). Therefore, it is important to have a global picture of the sport foundations.

After 22 years in operations, the agreement between the Ottawa Senators Foundation and the Club, which grants the Foundation the right to use Club trademarks, including the Ottawa Senators name, expires on July 31, 2020, and will not be renewed by the club. Many questions are asked in the media. Another application, proposed as a separate research project, is moving from a broad analysis, which is the focus of this proposal regarding Canadian foundations associated with professional sports brands.

Research Questions:

1) Who are the foundations associated with each professional sport organizations in Canada, if any?

2) What are the relationships between Canadian professional sports clubs and their associated foundation(s)?