Jorge Sousa


My primary inspiration for working in the realm of community development was based on my experiences of converting public housing to co-operative housing and as president of the Graduate Students’ Union at the University of Toronto. I am comfortable working with different research methodologies, in particular, mixed-method approaches. My primary research approach is community-based, which results in research outcomes that have significant social value. I often work with community-based non-profit organizations to conduct research as well as participate in planning processes relevant to capacity building and development. My areas of research expertise all fall within the context of the intersection of community development and adult education. I am primarily engaged in research aimed at understanding and strengthening Canada’s Social Economy. The specific topics that my research is focused on include: strengthening Canada’s Social Economy; governance and member engagement of non-profit and co-operative organizations; higher education and partnerships; and public policy related to community development and community economic development.


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Prix et Distinctions

  • Standard Research Grant, The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) (Status 4A, 2012).
  • Killam Research Fund (Social Science, Humanities, Fine Arts) Cornerstones Grant Program (2007).
  • University’s Endowment Fund for the Future (EFF), Special Capital Equipment Fund (2007).