Johnson Shoyoma Graduate School of Public Policy


Description de l’organisme

The government and the workings of the public sector impact us all.

Those who understand how and why public decisions are made have an edge—not only in the public service but also in the private and non-profit sectors. Being able to visualize the complex network of public and private interests that impact society is what will set you apart in the workforce.

The Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy delivers an innovative, practical and theoretically-based education that meets the needs of students, employers and the greater public.

Partenariat avec le PhiLab

This partnership brings together scholars and community partners to document, analyze and measure the impact of Canadian philanthropic action on different populations, communities and territories with respect to the major challenges of social inequalities and environmental issues. The project’s proposed focus on social and income inequalities aligns with the schools Social Policy and Inequality research cluster, which strives to advance research on social policy and its relationship to inequality.