Centre sectoriel des Premières Nations

PhiLab’s Indigenous Research Hub is led by The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.

The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada (The Circle) transforms philanthropy and contributes to positive change with Indigenous communities by creating spaces of learning, relationship-building, and activation. The Circle works alongside Indigenous-led organizations, Indigenous informed organizations, organizations with Indigenous beneficiaries, and philanthropic signatories of The Declaration of Action to encourage individuals and organizations to learn, acknowledge, and understand more about reconciliation and the decolonization of wealth.
The Circle recognizes that Indigenous communities have a long history of practices and principles on how to ethically steward resources. In many ways, The Circle’s work with the philanthropic sector in Canada is relearning a way of knowing that is in alignment with Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and stewarding resources.

The Circle’s work alongside Indigenous organizations by holding space to amplify their wisdom, vision and solutions.

The Circle values their role as an organization that asks challenging questions related to practice and policy, and commits to a continued learning journey alongside the philanthropic sector.

The Circle values its role as PhiLab’s Indigenous Research Hub. The Governing Circle’s Research Committee is in the process of designing the partnership with PhiLab and look forward to sharing more details with the sector in Fall 2020.
To learn more about The Circle and the Indigenous Research Hub,  please get in touch with:
Holly McLellan, Research Committee member: holly@goypi.org