Rob McCulloch

Poste occupé:
Vice-President Fundraising Strategy
United Way Centraide Canada
Type de formation (1):
Formation universitaire (Baccalauréat)
Programme de formation (1):
Education degree
Types de professionnel-le:
Professionnels-les dans les OBNL et OBE
Secteurs d'organisation:
Autres fins profitant à la collectivité, Soulagement de la pauvreté
Types d'organisation:
Fondations publiques

Can you present yourself?

Rob McCulloch joined United Way Centraide Canada as National Director, Fundraising Strategy in September 2014. Prior to this, Rob brings with him over 25 years’ experience working in the not-for- profit sector at all levels – national, provincial and local. He has been an effective manager and guided staff and volunteer teams to raise in excess of $50M for annual campaigns with organizations such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Lung Association and the Ottawa Humane Society. Rob is an expert in annual giving campaigns and has successfully delivered programs utilizing an array of proven fundraising channels including major gifts, planned giving, direct mail, telemarketing, e-philanthropy, monthly giving, tribute giving, face-to-face canvassing and direct response TV.

What brought you to work in the philanthropic sector?

I have spent my entire career in the not-for-profit sector. I moved to the philanthropic sector because I thoroughly enjoy helping people/donors find something that they are passionate about and can help build better communities and healthier Canadians.

Can you define and explain what your activity and/or position consists of within your organization?

I oversee revenue generation activities for United Way Centraide Canada and provide fundraising support and capacity building for our 85 member organizations – United Way Centraides.

What is your professional education? Is it relevant in the context of your philanthropic involvement?

I have an education degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia

How would you define philanthropy today? How does this definition influence your working methods?

Volatile, changing. All persons working in philanthropy must be prepared to be agile and adapt to changing demographics and technologies. In the end it is about meeting the donor on their terms and giving them the right product(ask) at the right time in the way that want to be engaged.

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to pursue a career in your profession/activity?

I think that they should go into the sector with eyes wide open and understand the challenges and opportunities. For every “no” there is a “yes” and the reward is seeing and sharing the impact of their investments/gifts.

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