March 31st, 2020

Webinaire WINGS: Special Online Meeting

PhiLab is happy to invite you to the following webinar for members of the philanthropic sector organized by our partner WINGs.

Special Online Meeting

WINGS, is aware that many of our members are conducting webinars that focus on sharing within your own networks. As a global network of organizations that develop and support the field of philanthropy worldwide, we want to provide a safe space for leaders to come together and have crucial conversations on the role of philanthropy amidst this unprecedented crisis. We invite you to join in this conversation, which we also hope can become a support group among global leaders. Some of the questions leaders can have range from the spectacular to the mundane.

How do we prioritize of the welfare of our own staff vs keeping up with delivery on the ground? How do we decide on what to prioritize and gear our teams to be flexible? Are we seeing early indicators of effective philanthropy and can others also deploy resources to amplify positive results?

Date: Tuesday, 31 March

Time: 1 PM UTC

Registration link for the webinar

(Please let us know if the timing doesn’t work for you; we will organize another round of webinar to accommodate members from different time zones)

Philanthropy has the potential not only to build more resilient, sustainable and democratic societies, but also to respond to global needs in moments of great adversity. By collaborating, sharing and innovating we, as a sector, can make a difference for the local and global consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.