12 au 14 mai 2021

PhiLab’s Ontario Hub Regional Conference 2021

The Role of Grantmaking Foundations in Restructuring Ontario’s Philanthropic Action

Throughout and Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis 

May 12th – 14th, 2021 


PhiLab’s Ontario Hub is hosting a 3-afternoon regional virtual conference with the purpose of bringing together established and emerging scholars, grantmaking foundations, and philanthropic organizations to develop a common understanding and direction on the challenges and priorities of philanthropic action in Ontario. 

The conference has three key objectives:  

  • Develop common understanding of current and future challenges faced by philanthropic organizations in Canada. 
  • Establish joint research and development agenda for Ontario, integrating and coordinating the efforts of various actors (scholars, grantmaking foundations, community organizations and intermediary philanthropic organizations). 
  • Identify common priorities for collaborative partnership among new and emerging scholars, practitioners, and other philanthropic organizations.  

Conference themes:

Day 1: Post-COVID reality: Challenges and priorities faced by community organizations.

Day 2: The role of foundations in restructuring post-pandemic philanthropic action

Day 3: Establishing a joint philanthropic research and development agenda for the Ontario region.