Philanthropic support for local journalism: A Canadian road map (Phase 1) – Research design

Research Projects


This funding will lay the foundation for a research program focused on philanthropic support for local journalism in Canada. The project’s overarching goal is to produce a working paper that will provide a common knowledge base for all the players (news organizations, foundations and community foundations) involved in the emerging area of philanthro-journalism.

This phase of the project focused on project design and organizations. We identified key interview subjects, began work on the literature review, and created a rough outline for the report we aim to write.

Affiliated Hub(s): Ontario

Research Axis: Sectoral or Regional Portraits of Philanthropy

Project supervisor: April Lindgren, Ryerson University School of Journalism

Partner(s): The Discourse and Community Foundations of Canada

Team member(s): April Lindgren

Student researcher(s): Tanja Saric, Master’s of Journalism student, Ryerson School of Journalism

Beginning date of the project: 01/04/2019

End date or projected end date of the project: 17/05/2019


Panel presentation. “Future of local journalism” panel discussion at the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTNDA0 national conference, Toronto. May 10, 2019


PhiLab Interviews: April Lindgren, the Local News Research Project

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