Special Edition: Philanthropy and Social Innovation


Social innovation refers to new ways of combining ideas, generating projects, or configuring interventions or services when responding to social needs that have been left unanswered. This new approach takes on a transformative social dimension in that its novelty is based on social components able to influence and transform institutions.

Social innovation plays an important role in philanthropy and is a useful tool available to grantmaking foundations in achieving their goals. Social innovation allows us to distance ourselves from material or technological innovations and refocus on the social aspect, keeping ‘economic’ and ‘political’ considerations on the sidelines.

This shift of focus toward the social aspect requires supporting social actors for whom the defence of social and environmental justice is a central and non-negotiable cause. It also rests on supporting a post-modernization of society, where philanthropy’s traditional areas of focus, education, health and the arts, are approached with an acknowledgement of the deeply-rooted inequalities and inequities between social groups and territories, of systemic racism and other forms of discrimination.  

PhiLab’s special edition brings together a variety of content from our Canadian and International Hubs, including blog articles, interviews, videos and more, to cover the fascinating subject of social innovation and philanthropy. 

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Philanthropy & Social Innovation


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