Special Edition: Philanthropy & Data


«Data is important. From simple reference about the weather to elaborate collections for COVID-19 vaccine development – data empowers our lives. Philanthropy is no exception. Data about the philanthropic sector creates opportunities for those who study philanthropy (academics, researchers), for those who finance philanthropy (grantmakers, philanthropic funders) and for those who operate philanthropic organizations (managers, directors). The possibilities created by data are further multiplied when the data can be shared. This is the founding principle of data philanthropy, a term first introduced in 2011 by the United Nations Global Pulse. Data philanthropy is a type of collaboration, where private companies share the data for public benefit to help solve complex issues such as poverty, climate change, various diseases, to name a few.» Read more in our Editorial: Philanthropy and Data

This month’s Special Edition, led by PhiLab’s Western Hub, explores the many facets of philanthropy and data. It presents perspectives on this topic from philanthropic partners, academics, knowledge experts and students.

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Philanthropy and Data

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