Philanthropy and COVID-19


With COVID-19, there’s a before and after

Who hasn’t thrown stones into a stream to see the waves it causes and their intertwingling? The COVID-19 global pandemic is a huge rock that creates a multitude of intertwined waves. 

Few events have the power to generate an impact of this magnitude. It affects everyone, all organizations and institutions, including the world of philanthropy and society as a whole. 

As a result of the pandemic, needs are emerging from everywhere. It is not only the poorest people in our society who are affected, but the entire population. And everyone must react, adapt and do their part.

Whether it is in health, education, the economy, culture or politics… we need to change our ways, not only to react to the crisis situation, but also to adapt to the changes and the «new reality» that is slowly taking hold. 

Unlike a stone thrown into the water, we are not the ones who can just stop throwing stones. We can just help by taking public health measures and getting involved in our community. More than ever, solidarity and a sense of community, key elements of philanthropy, are in evidence. 

In this Newsletter, we present you with a set of texts illustrating reflections and examples of philanthropic practices in response to the pandemic. We invite you to share your comments with us.