Novembre 2022 – La philanthropie canadienne à l’étranger


Since the inception of the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network in 2014, PhiLab researchers have explored a myriad of topics and questions around the Canadian philanthropic sector. Naturally, most of this research—whether theoretical or empirical, exploratory or case-based, nation-wide or community-specific—has been situated firmly within the legal and symbolic boundaries of the Canadian nation-state. The fact that a Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network prioritizes engaging with phenomena within the Canadian context should come as no surprise.

And yet, our world is a global one, defined by the cross-planetary flow of capital, people, media, and ideas (Appadurai, 2015). As a result, the social, economic, and ecological challenges we face are fundamentally global in nature, even if the most glaring injustices are spatially segregated. Similarly, philanthropic action and organizing impacts, and is impacted by, these transnational forces and “flows”. Thus, PhiLab must also look at the impact of Canadian philanthropy abroad.

In addition to focusing on the work that Canadian foundations do around the globe, this global-local lens—and the contributions in this Special Edition—raises additional questions: How are philanthropic communities in Canada shaped by our interconnected world? On the contrary, what can we learn about Canadian philanthropy by exploring philanthropic practices across the globe? And finally, what might a global-local lens teach us about social, economic, and environmental problems we address through our work as researchers and practitioners in the philanthropic sector?

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November 2022 Newsletter: Canadian Philanthropy Abroad

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