May 2021 – Spotlight on PhiLab researchers

To call the past year tumultuous would be a severe understatement. Despite the many changes that were required to adapt to the new COVID-19 reality, PhiLab’s researchers and students continued to develop and produce research reports, blog articles, interviews and other publications on the general theme of grantmaking philanthropy. While many organizations struggled to continue producing at the same levels as before, our entire team managed to surpass pre-COVID publication levels by over 50%, producing a total of 48 blog posts, 15 interviews, six research papers as well as our publication of a Special Edition of our annual journal The PhiLanthropic Year. For a more in-depth look at what was accomplished in 2020, we invite you to consult our 2020 Annual Report.
Research on the philanthropic sector is even more relevant than before, with shifts towards decolonization and trust philanthropy and a slow move towards a more equitable post-COVID recovery. The PhiLab team would like to take this opportunity to highlight the incredible work being accomplished by our researchers by curating a Special Edition focused solely on their work over the past year. The work will focus on work that highlights PhiLab-funded research projects currently underway. For more information on PhiLab research projects find our Research Page here.
In line with this Special Edition, The Philanthropist, a PhiLab partner, has prepared a series of six interviews with PhiLab researchers to shed light on our partnership and the role of research within the philanthropic sector.
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The Philanthropist: PhiLab researchers interview series

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May 2021 Newsletter: Spotlight on PhiLab researchers

Special Edition: Spotlight on PhiLab researchers

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