July 2023: Philanthropy & Artificial Intelligence


Our special edition on Philanthropy & AI explores the place and role of grant making philanthropy, and wealthy patronage, in the development of cybernetics and artificial intelligence. We explore this universe by looking at both the possibilities as the concerns it evokes.

We cover the ways AI can be used by foundations, as much to improve their grant management, as the applications made to grant making organizations themselves. More specifically, we explore the question of the role of AI in supporting the internal capacity of organizations: how can AI tools be used to support administrative tasks?

This edition also touches on the political dimension, with current challenges being discussed in several articles and podcast episodes. These publications answer different questions around the governance of AI, the methods used to regulate its development, while also touching on the significant issues around its definition and the policies that surround AI.

Finally, we explore the role that philanthropy can play in the development of AI: as much to prevent the misuse of AI as to ensure the maintenance of a democratic culture and the development of critical thought in an age of great complexity amidst both a social and ecological transition.


Enjoy your reading!



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