January 2022: Philanthropy for the animals


This Special Edition is PhiLab’s first effort to address the many complex entanglements of philanthropy and animal welfare. The range and scope of these contributions reflects the fact that the relationship between humans and nonhuman animals cuts across all aspects of our lives. Animals provide companionship and, for many, can take on the role of family member. Animals are used in research trials, in equal parts for lifesaving drugs as for unnecessary testing on shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. Animals occupy a fundamental place in how we think about food as it applies to our health: the health of our bodies, the health of our planet, the health of our cultures and communities, and the health of our ethical and moral selves.

Simply put, our social, moral, and physical selves are constructed through our relationship to non-human animals. Despite this, discussions around the linkages between philanthropy and animal welfare remain underexplored. And while the merit of supporting animal welfare causes should, in my opinion, stand on its own for moral reasons, this absence is additionally notable as animal welfare issues are deeply entangled with the social, economic, and environmental justice issues confronting so many contemporary philanthropic foundations.

The contributions to this Special Edition focus on topics ranging from animal rescues and sanctuaries to vegan cosmetic companies and radical direct-action rights groups. The contributions come in a multiplicity of forms, including case studies, interviews, podcasts, literature reviews, and more traditional articles. The contributions draw on various frameworks and worldviews, in order to capture a variety of perspectives around this expansive, yet underexplored, area of thought.

We are very excited about this Special Edition, and the kinds of challenging conversations it will inspire.

Happy reading!

January 2022 Newsletter : Philanthropy for the Animals

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