February 2021 – COVID-19: Revealing Social Inequalities


Pre-Covid, never in the history of humanity have profits and the concentration of wealth been so high. According to Forbes, the number of millionaires has boomed globally. With such accumulation of wealth came a golden age of philanthropy. This trend was accompanied by a widening gap between the rich and the poor, as well as a failure to eliminate inequalities. Then, COVID happened. It comes as no surprise that social issues of the past remain a challenge. The current crisis has accentuated the failures of our economic system and the effects of decades of concerted efforts to welfare cuts. Indeed, the impacts of poverty and inequalities are further amplified by the current health crisis.

This special edition, led by PhiLab’s Ontario Hub, focuses on the discriminatory practices of the past that are now an integral part of our system’s current lack of resiliency in coping with COVID. Perhaps the pandemic has exposed the limits of philanthropy, but it has also revealed how the sector can adapt, and attempt to face the gigantic task ahead. What remains to be seen is if these new initiatives are here to stay, or are simply short-term commitments; and if a social justice approach to philanthropy will prevail in a post-pandemic era.

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