December 2021 : Philanthropy & Mental Health


Canadians are currently dealing with a mental health crisis: terrifying suicide rates among youth, an opioid overdose epidemic, high rates of mental illness in senior nursing homes, and all of this amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to address mental health issues, Canada needs collective action, and the philanthropic sector is well-positioned to play a key role.

So how can philanthropy help? Surely, foundations and other philanthropic donors can increase financial contributions to organizations offering mental health supports or initiate mental health programs on their own. However, much can be done beyond funded activities. Philanthropists can bring mental health issues into sharper focus, advocate on behalf of vulnerable communities, build capacity within the mental health sector and collaborate with governments but also with each other.

This Special Edition on Philanthropy and Mental Health, led by PhiLab’s Western Hub, attempts to cover philanthropy’s role in dealing with mental health issues, as well as how the philanthropic sector is dealing with these same issues internally.

Enjoy your reading!

December 2021 Newsletter : Philanthropy & Mental Health


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