Vancouver Foundation


Description of the organization

Vancouver Foundation is Community Inspired. We connect the generosity of donors with the energy, ideas and time of people in the community. Together, we’ve been making meaningful and lasting impacts in neighborhoods and communities since 1943.

We work with individuals, corporations and charitable agencies to create permanent endowment funds and then use the income to support thousands of charities. The original capital is endowed so that it generates income in perpetuity.

We recognize that communities are complex and that collaboration between multiple stakeholders is needed to help everyone thrive and evolve. Every year, through the generous support of our donors, we fund hundreds of innovative projects – large and small – in areas such as arts and culture, education, children and youth issues, environment, animal welfare, community health, and social development.

Although Vancouver Foundation is a broad funder, we focus extra energy and resources on community-identified initiatives that strengthen our residents’ connections and engagement in their community.

We also work to convene partnerships and conversations around emerging issues such as addressing the needs of at-risk and immigrant and refugee youth, as well as those who are emerging from the foster care system.

Partnership with PhiLab

Vancouver Foundation was invited to be part of the PhiLab and we have been engaged in the development of this project. As such, we have contributed and are aware and supportive of the research program objectives under the direction of Jean-Marc Fontan. Our work as a provincial Community Foundation happens when we are connected and can contribute to, and learn from, knowledge development in the philanthropic sector. Much of our work at Vancouver Foundation is done in collaboration with other Foundations and the development of knowledge on the concept of collaboration applied to grantmaking will be a value to our work throughout the province.

We are committed to continuing to support this work which will include both cash and in-kind support for the research and related activities as they emerge for this project.

We are interested and supportive of this work as it supports our interest and investment in learning-oriented collaborations with grantmaking foundations. Specifically, we are keen to identify opportunities to measure the social and environmental impacts of programs and to share these learnings with our 51 Community Foundation partners across British Columbia.