Marta Rey-Garcia


Associate Professor in the Marketing Area, Economic Analysis & Business Management Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of A Coruña (UDC), Spain. She has been teaching full-time at the UDC since 2009, in both graduate (Master degrees) and undergraduate (BA in Business) programs in management. Since 2011 she has been the director of the Inditex Chair of Social Responsibility at the University of A Coruña and of its Postgraduate Course on Social Responsibility and Innovation. Since 2015 she is the academic director of the Global Civil Society Seminar organized by the Rafael del Pino Foundation in collaboration with the Harvard Kennedy School. Her research interests focus on the governance and management of civil society and nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, social innovation and nonprofit marketing. She has authored over 50 publications on these topics, mostly in peer-reviewed international journals. She has participated in several national and EU-funded research projects on those issues (in some of them as the principal investigator): Social Innovation and Civic Engagement (ITSSOIN), European Commission, 7th Framework Programme (2014-2017); European Foundations for Research and Innovation (EUFORI), European Commission, 7th Framework Programme (2012-2014); Instituto de Análisis Estratégico de Fundaciones (INAEF), Asociación Española de Fundaciones (2009-2011). Before becoming an affiliated member of the UDC she held managerial positions in the nonprofit sector. Starting in 1996 she worked for the Pedro Barrie de la Maza Foundation, serving as its managing director until December 2008. She has extensive consulting experience in the nonprofit and foundation sectors.
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