Environment Funders Canada


Description of the Organization

Environment Funders (formerly Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network – CEGN)  is a national network of philanthropic foundations and other organizations that support efforts to transition toward a more sustainable world.  Our members work with non government organizations, community groups and other charitable organizations to develop and deliver programs that can make our communities healthier and more resilient, while protecting vital ecosystem services and the natural world.

Environment Funders emphasizes shared learning through information exchange, personal development opportunities, best practice development, and all kinds of networking, including a great annual conference.  We use our conferencewebinars and workshops, and research work to help our members increase their impact and effectiveness and to spur creative new approaches.

Partnership with PhiLab

Relevance and Significance of the Project Objectives for the Partner Organization:

Our network focuses on increasing the impact of philanthropy in advancing sustainability and building the magnitude of philanthropic funds allocated to supporting a more sustainable future. Our goals are, therefore, very relevant to the proposed research. We expect that the insights gained by M. Fontan and his research team will help our organization and our 64 member foundations to be more effective. One of the key strategic goals for our network is to catalyze collaboration and we see this project as both a way to engage in an important collaborative initiative and to learn more about best practices in collaboration.

Exact Nature of the Involvement:

Through CEGN’s Executive Director, we will be actively engaged in the project. This will help ensure that we learn from the research as it unfolds and will allow us to provide guidance, where appropriate. We believe that we can contribute to the research through a number of our research tools, including our database of environmental grantmaking through which we are able to analyze the focus, scope and volume of grantmaking in support of the environment.