Dr. Adela Tesarek Kincaid


Dr. Adela Tesarek Kincaid is an instructor and researcher in the International Indigenous Studies Program at the University of Calgary and adjunct professor at the University of Regina. Previously, she was a Faculty Researcher at the Applied Research and Innovation Center at Selkirk College. Her expertise is in rural community-based research and animal-human relationships. She is an emerging scholar with a Ph.D. in human geography which was based on studying various communities and their reactions to free-roaming horses. Her postdoctoral work was recognized by RCE SK, a United Nations University acknowledged Regional Center of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development, and focused on ecomuseums that are locally organized and community-driven and aim to increase our understanding of the role that citizen science, education, and heritage-related activities can play in sustainable community development. Adela is a published author in the methodological area of situational analysis which she has applied to animal-based wellness programs that account for Indigenous relationships with animals.

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