Catherine Pearl


Dr. Pearl was Mount Royal University’s first tenure track professor of social innovation. Prior to joining academia, Catherine spent almost twenty years in the private sector; in corporate planning, finance and marketing. She has worked for a number of multinational and national firms and has spent considerable time in the not for profit sector as a volunteer, a consultant and as President and CEO a registered charity, which operated a social enterprise.

Catherine has been active in the Mount Royal community and has served as a member of the Professional Development Committee and the Library Committee in addition to sitting on the Faculty of Business and Communication Studies’ Research Committee. Catherine also serves as Career Services Liaison for Co-operative student placement opportunities in social innovation. Dr. Pearl was a founding board member of the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO), and has also served on the board of a number of community organizations including: Propellus, YWCA Calgary, Lycee Louis Pasteur, Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre and Lunchbox Theatre.


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Awards and Distinctions

Teaching Strides Podcast: A cross institutional community engaged civic innovation course. (March 28, 2018).

Teaching Assistant, Market Research, Concordia University

Andrew Lindsay Entrance Scholarship, Bishop’s University