Arun Kumar


Arun Kumar is a Senior Lecturer (equivalent to Associate Professor) at King’s Business School, King’s College London. He researches the histories and practices of philanthropic foundations and nonprofit management as part of global development. He also has a strong interest in the history of management studies as a field of knowledge and its links with global poverty, inequality, and social inclusion.

His interdisciplinary research has been published in journals such as the Academy of Management Learning & Education, Business & Society, Development & Change, Economy & Society, Enterprise & Society, and Journal of Business Ethics, among others. His book Philanthropy and the Development of Modern India: In the name of Nation (Oxford University Press, 2021) tracked the historical role of Indian elites’ philanthropy in shaping development and modernity in twentieth century India.

Arun began his professional career in 2006 consulting with leading NGOs, independent think tanks, donor agencies, and philanthropic foundations on questions of governance, accountability, and inclusion. After working for seven years in the nonprofit development sector, he returned to academia for his doctoral studies. He joined King’s College London in 2022, having previously taught at the University of York and University of Essex.


Kumar A (2021) Philanthropy and the Development of Modern India: In the Name of Nation. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press; also published by New Delhi: OUP India

Brooks S and Kumar A (2022, published online first) Why the super-rich will not be saving the world?: Philanthropy and “privatization creep” in global development. Business & Society

Kumar A (2022) Philanthropy and the making of a new moral order: A history of developing community. Journal of Business Ethics 177(4): 729-741  

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Cooke B and Kumar A (2020, co-authors) US philanthropy’s shaping of management education in the 20th century: Towards a periodization of history. Academy of Management Learning & Education 19(1): 21-39.

Kumar A (2019) From Henley to Harvard, at Hyderabad?: (Post- and neo-) colonialism in management education in India. Enterprise & Society 20(2): 366-400

Kumar A (2018) Pragmatic and paradoxical philanthropy: Tatas’ gift-giving and scientific development in India. Development & Change 49(6): 1422-1446

Prix et distinctions

Finalist, Best Paper Award, Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2021

Finalist, William H Newman All-Academy Award, Academy of Management’s Annual Meeting, USA, 2016 (shortlisted as one of five finalists)

Winner, Best Critical Management Education Paper, 2016, Academy of Management’s Annual Meeting, USA