Philanthropy and COVID-19

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Philanthropy and COVID-19

How is the philanthropic sector fairing during the COVID-19 pandemic? What obstacles are grantmaking foundations facing and what steps are they taking to overcome them? Below are some of the most recent stories about philanthropy and COVID-19, from our partners and the broader philanthropic sector, including the latest initiatives taken to combat the current crisis:

June 5th 2020

Analyses by PhiLab members

The PhiLanthropic Year COVID-19 Special Edition

The PhiLanthropic Year is a journal that specializes in the transmission of scientific and professional knowledge within the philanthropic sector, and more specifically, grantmaking philanthropy. The journal meets the need of rendering available, in French and English, knowledge mainly produced by or highlighted by the scientific activities that take place within the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network (PhiLab).

The COVID-19 pandemic led us to publish the first Special Edition Edition.


Sector Testimonies and Initiatives

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We invite you all to show your solidarity through these difficult times and follow the official prevention recommendations.