PFC launches a new public policy guide for funders


Funders Making Change: Engaging in Public Policy

Funders making changePhilanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC) has just launched a new guide for funders who work on public policy.

«This guide is a resource that funders can use to help them engage in advocacy and public policy work and to create strategies for long-term impact and open and transparent civil discourse. In this guide you will find 1) a useful checklist on what you can and can’t do 2) strategies for policy development and advocacy and 3) testimonials from other funders. Find out how to advance your mission by incorporating public policy in your overall strategy.» – PFC




What is included?

Section 1: Why should funders engage in policy work?

Section 2: Funders in action: Stories

Section 3: What are the legal rules?

Section 4: Resources

Read the full guide here