PFC Conference 2022: Let’s Reconnect


We are happy to share an upcoming event by our partner, Philanthropic Foundations Canada: PFC Conference 2022: Let’s Reconnect.

3 – 4 oct 2022
Montreal Convention Centre

PFC’s annual conference has become a key meeting point for philanthropic leaders from Canada and across the world. Our 2022 conference will be a two-day event designed specifically for funders, including private grantmakers and philanthropists, public foundations, donor advised funds, corporate donors and government funders.

PFC brings over two decades of national and global learnings about philanthropy. As a uniquely Canadian institution and charitable organization, we support our network through local, national and global engagement with their philanthropic leadership peers.

Everything is connected. If there is one lesson from more than two years of the pandemic, it is that social, economic, political and environmental systems interact and influence each other at all times. In meeting the needs of our communities, especially in times of crises, what has philanthropy learned from constantly having to adapt and respond?

Today’s philanthropic response to the pandemic can be a blueprint for future responses, including for emergencies such as the refugee and climate crises. But are the community-focused philanthropic practices that grew during the pandemic here to stay? How can the philanthropic sector foster more partnerships and increase collaboration to tackle global emergencies? How can Canadian philanthropy support the next generation of philanthropists who are calling for stronger climate action? How can philanthropic leadership step-up further and use its power to advance change in our increasingly inequitable society?

These are some of the questions that will guide our discussions to help leaders go deep on the issues that matter most in their communities.

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