Virtual conference of EDGE Funders


Building Collective Power for Change

A virtual conference of EDGE Funders

11-15 October 2021

Taking place from 11-15 October 2021, the EDGE Funders virtual conference will be a space for funders and social movements to connect, learn and organize together in support of the systems change we are in need of. EDGE members and friends will have the opportunity to reconnect with each other, share practices and tools and coordinate around future activities.

Even though the event is going virtual, the conference will still include open spaces, panel conversations and workshops, and in order to practice language justice, there will be translation to and from English, Spanish and French throughout most of the sessions.



EDGE Funders have partnered with Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Climate Justice Alliance and Indigenous Environmental Network to offer two incredible trainings for funders and civil society participants.

The first training is on the topic of Climate Justice (October 14), where we will hear from several social movement groups on concepts and strategies that are key to Climate Justice: the power of grassroots organizations and the movement ecosystem, the innovation of frontline-led climate solutions, dual strategies of fighting the bad and building the new, systemic change frameworks in different parts of the world moving us toward regenerative economies, and the role of philanthropy in shifting resources and power back to communities.

The second training will be a condensed version of the well-known Feminist Organizing School (October 15), where we will explore the theoretical and historical intersections of patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy and climate change. Participants will have space to develop shared visions of feminist futures and support each other in the task of bringing a feminist agenda to their daily work.

Both trainings are offered free to EDGE members and movement partners. If you are a funder and not a member of EDGE yet, you can register for the trainings separately below or reach out to us to join our network as a member.



EDGE Members: Sliding scale from $500 to $300 for 3 days + optional free trainings.

Non-members: Sliding scale from $600 to $400 for 3 days + $100 per additional day of workshop or a total access ticket of $500 (conference + trainings).

Social movements and civil society: free

If you would like to become a member before registering for the conference, contact EDGE Funders!

For more info, visit the event website!

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