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The Ontario Hub sees the philanthropic sector ​as being in perpetual movement, and recognize​s the growing need to further understand community foundations’ and social enterprises’ initiatives and challenges. As individuals are directly impacted or relying on services provided by philanthropic actors, comprehending the philanthropic ecosystem is thus beneficial to all. Support funnelled to local journalism or hospitals is notable, and currently under research by our networks. In order to better understand and sustain the philanthropic sector, PhiLab Ontario takes part in the development; sharing and dissemination of knowledge present in the ecosystem. With the continuous support of our partners, research members and students, the Hub helps map the province’s foundations’ projects to further our knowledge on how they operate, the territory they cover and the areas ​they prioritize. 


Mission inclusion

Mapeo de las prácticas filantrópicas aplicadas de Mission Inclusion en las regiones de Quebec

Explore las prácticas de filantropía en las regiones de Quebec a partir de la experiencia de Misión Inclusión ...
Philanthropy, Ethnicity and Diaspora in Canada

Filantropía, etnicidad y diáspora en Canadá: sentando las bases

Esta revisión bibliográfica propuesta busca comprender y documentar la proliferación de iniciativas filantrópicas y comunitarias de cuidado dirigidas por algunos ...
Billionaire Philanthropy in Canada

Billionaire Philanthropy in Canada

Descripción Fase 1: Revisión sistemática de la literatura sobre la filantropía multimillonaria ...
Canadian global health philanthropy

Filantropía canadiense de salud global

Escaneo preliminar de la filantropía de salud global canadiense ...
Community foundations

Capacity assessment through the lens of place: Community Foundations in Canada and Australia in a shifting world

Fase I: Desempaquetando lo local: Desafíos y oportunidades que enfrentan las fundaciones comunitarias en Australia y Canadá en un mundo ...
professional sports club

Mapeo de Fundaciones Asociadas a Clubes Deportivos Profesionales

Descripción Proyecto actualmente en desarrollo ...


COVID-19 Management in Long-term Care: Governments Outperformed Nonprofits, So Where Do We Go from Here?

We set out to understand whether long-term care home (LTCH) provider type made a difference for COVID-19 outcomes. Our recently ...

PhiLab’s Ontario Hub Regional Conference 2021

The Role of Grantmaking Foundations in Restructuring Ontario’s Philanthropic Action Throughout and Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis  May 12th – 14th, 2021  ...

Interview with Stephanie Procyk and Ruth Crammond from United Way Greater Toronto

Stephanie Procyk is the Senior Manager of Research, Public Affairs, Public Policy & Evaluation at United Way Greater Toronto.  She is ...

COVID-19 and the political activities of Canadian charities

As an important component of charitable tax law, the rules and regulations surrounding the “political activities” of charities are an ...


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