État des lieux sur la philanthropie subventionnaire québécoise

Nouveau livre par le PhiLab Québec

État des lieux sur la philanthropie subventionnaire québécoise Le nouveau livre du PhiLab Québec, publié par les Presses de l’Université du Québec, est maintenant en librairie! Sous la direction de […]

April 2022: Philanthropy & Perpetuity

Is perpetuity the default setting for grantmaking foundations in Canada? This special edition on perpetuity challenges this assumption. It is, however, not an easy topic for the booming sector of philanthropy in this […]

PhiLab's 2022 National Conference

PhiLab’s 2022 National Conference

Re-imagining Philanthropy will be an opportunity to participate in the writing of a narrative that proposes mapping out a philanthropy that draws on different traditions – Indigenous and non-Indigenous, Western […]

February 2022: Philanthropy and Collaboration

This issue contains a bouquet of discussions and perspectives on the topic of collaborative philanthropy, a multi-faceted concept that includes collaboration across philanthropic organizations (both giving and receiving) and between […]

January 2022: Philanthropy for the animals

This Special Edition is PhiLab’s first effort to address the many complex entanglements of philanthropy and animal welfare. The range and scope of these contributions reflects the fact that the […]

December 2021 : Philanthropy & Mental Health

Canadians are currently dealing with a mental health crisis: terrifying suicide rates among youth, an opioid overdose epidemic, high rates of mental illness in senior nursing homes, and all of […]

Philanthropy's role in a crisis

November 2021 – Philanthropy’s role in a crisis

Of course, when there is mention of crisis, COVID-19 immediately comes to mind. However, there exist many other crises, some which have been exposed or exacerbated by the pandemic, such as social inequalities, systemic racism, healthcare system, housing, labor, or economic crises. With COP26 omnipresent in the media lately, we […]

Philanthropy & COP26

October 2021 : Philanthropy & COP26

In Glasgow, from October 31st to November 12th, 2021, the next edition of the Conference of Parties will take place. Under the rallying banner of “Uniting the world to tackle […]