PhiLab “Scientific and Philanthropic Engagement” Student Award

Scientific and Philanthropic Engagement

Award: 3000$
Available grants: 1
Application deadline: December 1st, 2022

Annual award in honor of Diane Alalouf-Hall, Ph.D student and coordinator of the Quebec Hub until 2021, for her performance and engagement during her university career, her research as well as her involvement and dedication to the implementation and development of the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network (PhiLab).


  • Highlight the excellence of a research project relating to the nonprofit sector
  • Highlight the impact of a research project within the sector with a strong social impact on the Canadian or international level
  • Encouraging the pursuit of a career in engaged research
Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be enrolled in a Canadian University – Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. – and reside in Canada
  • The targeted programs are in the Social Sciences and Humanities : Anthropology, Sociology, Social Work, Social Economics, Ecology, etc.
  • The applicant’s research project must fit under the theme of “Transformation for a more just society”
  • Language: French or English with a summary available in both languages
Submission procedure
  • Complete the application form
  • Provide a cover letter
  • Professors and organizations can also nominate candidates
  • The applications will be treated by a Selection Committee composed of: a researcher, a student representative and a representative of the Canadian or Quebecois philanthropic sector
Evaluation criteria
  • The academic paper submitted by the applicant
  • The societal impact of the research project;
  • The involvement in PhiLab’s research activities: articles, blogs, participation in conferences, network management activities, etc.
Selection committee

The members of the committee are:

  • Diane Alalouf-Hall, Ph.D. student in Sociology, UQAM, PhiLab-Quebec Hub
  • Nancy Pole, Co-spire Consulting, PhiLab-Canada
  • Jean-Marc Fontan, researcher, UQAM, PhiLab-Canada

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