Study of the Graham Boeckh Foundation

Research Projects


This is an exploratory research project led by PhiLab in collaboration with GBF resources. The team intends to produce a research paper focused on: (1) a portrait of the Foundation, from its founding to today. The portrait will present both an analytical and descriptive dimension focused on the Foundation’s activities; (2) A case study on one of the Foundation’s projects: Integrated Youth Services initiative in British-Colombia known as the Foundry model. We aim to define the project’s main characteristics: historic elements; description of the model; and the collaborations that took place between different actors within the project, including the province’s public legislator.

Affiliated Hub(s)

Research Axis: Sectoral or regional portraits of philanthropy

Project supervisor: Lucie Dumais

Partner(s): PFC

Team member(s): Jean-Marc Fontan, Tareq Hardan

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