How do public image and organizational communication determine the philanthropic practices of tourism organizations?

Research Projects


The global objective of this research project is to continue developing knowledge of philanthropic practices in the tourism industry. We will do so by assigning special importance to the public image dimension of the industry as well as organizational communication related to the impact of social and environmental critiques of the tourism industry. The current project stems from the results and questions that arose from a first phase of research, also funded by PhiLab, of which the results are still being prepared. This first phase allowed us to identify that public image and communications were influencing factors of philanthropic practices. The project we are now proposing will allow us to produce supporting content (a literature review) for a second SSHRC funding request in the Fall of 2020.

This phase is divided in two phases:

  • Phase (1) supported by PhiLab will allow for the preparation of a literature review
  • Phase (2) supported by the Youth Travel Foundation will focus on help accessing the research terrain as well as the validation and dissemination of knowledge.

The benefits of this research project are two-fold. On the one hand, the research will fill an academic void, as research on philanthropy are rare in the tourism literature. On the other hand, from a practical standpoint, our contribution aims to improve the efficiency of corporate philanthropic strategies in communications.

Affiliated Hub(s): Québec

Research Axis: Sectoral or regional portraits of philanthropy

Project supervisor: Élisabeth Robinot

Partner(s): Fondation Tourisme Jeunesse

Team member(s): David Zaragoza-Sanchez

Student researcher(s): 

Beginning date of the project: 

End date or projected end date of the project: