Western Hub

The Western Regional Center is co-supervised by  Iryna Khovrenkov and Lynn Gidluck and the coordinator is Katie Schutz.

The Hub is located in Regina.

The Western Hub has their own Hub-specific website, Funders in the West

Group #1: United Ways Alberta and Manitoba and emergency management

Project supervisorLynn Gidluck, Coordinator, Community Research Unit, University of Regina

Team members: Robyn Edwards-Bentz, CEO of the United Way of Regina and Brendan Anderson.


  • United Ways of Alberta, and Manitoba,
  • Red Cross Canada, BC and Alberta;
  • Municipal and provincial emergency preparedness staff.

Project Description: The purpose of this research project is to determine the extent to which 211 data can play a role in identifying trends of previous disaster responses to help in shaping the response of future disasters; whether United Ways, through their support of 211, can help build up sector capacity, lead to greater collaboration, coordination and connections by linking community organizations together prior to disaster striking; and if there is potential for integration of 211 with provincial emergency management agencies.

There is also a national research aspect.

Group #2: The Carnegie Foundation and Canadian Higher Education

Project supervisorDavid Peacock, Western Hub researcher, Community Service-Learning Director, University of Alberta

Team members: Professor Matthew Johnson, Ph.D., Director, Carnegie Foundation

Partner: The Carnegie Foundation

Project Description: The purpose of this research project is to work collaboratively with the Carnegie Foundation for Teaching and Learning to research in more detail the extent of its investments in Canadian higher education (including rationales, funding, partners and legacy).  Such knowledge may assist putting into historical perspective the current Community Engagement Classification project, and situate this work within a longer term trajectory of American influence and capacity building for the sector.

This knowledge may in turn be of use to the PhiLab as it examines more broadly the role of foundations more generally within Canada, and the work they have undertaken in co-creating the communities and political economies that have come to define the Canadian state and its nations.

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