Causes Invisibles Philanthropie

October 2020 – The Invisible Causes of Philanthropy

In the first sense, “invisible causes” are the social movements for equity, inclusion, and justice that philanthropic funders all too often ignore. These causes are ‘invisible” to philanthropy insofar as they are not effectively integrated into foundations’ organizational and grantmaking practices and goals.

In the second sense, “invisible causes” are the taken-for-granted ; societal structures and institutions that create and maintain these inequities, exclusions, and injustices. While these racist, sexist, anti-Indigenous, anti-poor, and ableist structures and institutions manifest through concrete social and organizational policies, they are made “invisible” to philanthropic funders by ideology.

This special edition, led by PhiLab’s Quebec Hub, looks into some of these ‘invisible causes’. We hope to start a discussion on how philanthropy can shed light onto those causes kept in the shadows.

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October 2020 - Invisible Causes

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