Nancy Pole


Nancy Pole has been a PhiLab research associate since 2015. With the start of the new SSHRC grant in 2018, she now works with Juniper Glass on the preparation of a strategy concerning knowledge transfer and the mobilization of partners. She will continue to assume the functions of liaison with the partners as of the Fall of 2018. Since 2015, Nancy has accomplished 4 research mandates with PhiLab (see the list of publications). Outside of PhiLab, Nancy Pole is a consultant who offers accompaniment in evaluation, planification and governance of collective action. Among her recent mandates or those in progress are: liaison agent for the Collective of Quebec foundations (in progress since 2017); preparation of the global evaluation plan of the Collective Impact Project of Centraide du Grand Montréal; accompaniment in collective impact with Innoweave. In 2018, Nancy was also a lecturer at Carleton University (for a class on evaluation, Master program in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership).


Research Papers and Pamphlets

Scientific Article

  • Glass, J. & Pole, N. (2017).  Collaboration between Canadian grantmaking foundations: the expression of an increasingly ambitious and strategic philanthropic sector? Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research, 8(2),57–79.

Professional / Magazine Articles

  • Kouamé, S et Pole, N. (2018). Agissez dans votre écosystème pour créer plus de valeur sociale. Gestion, 42(2), 104-108,


  • Pole, N. et Fontan, J.-M. (2017).  La recherche action comme contribution à l’évaluation d’une initiative complexe: le cas du Projet Impact CollectifCommunication livrée le 27 octobre 2017 dans le cadre du colloque annuel de la Société québécoise d’évaluation de programme.
  • Pole, N. et Kouamé, S. (2017). La posture stratégique comme limite aux pratiques d’évaluation chez les fondations philanthropiquesCommunication livrée le 9 mai 2017 au colloque IDEOS Enjeux de professionnalisation dans les organisations à vocation sociale dans le cadre du congrès Acfas 2017.


Nancy Pole has a Masters from the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program at Carleton University and two DESS: Social Innovation (University of Waterloo) and Community Economic Development (Concordia University).

For over 5 years, she is particularly interested in discovering how evaluation and learning can be at the service of philanthropic strategy – an interest that was born out of her professional experience as a planning and development consultant for Centraide of Greater Montreal. For her Master’s research (completed in 2015), she focused on the evaluation practices of Canadian philanthropic foundations.

She divides her time between North-East Ontario and Montreal.