Lynn Gidluck


Lynn has a Ph.D. in Public Policy and History from the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School at the University of Regina. She is also the Community Director for the Faculty of Arts’ Community Research Unit at the same university. Her doctoral research focused on collaborative governance and best practices of government-voluntary sector partnerships and relationships. She will put her twenty-plus years of experience as a public relations consultant to good use working with Iryna Khovrenkov and the rest of the members of the Western Canada Hub on Grantmaking Foundations to develop a knowledge exchange platform that links academic researchers with community groups. Her research interests are diverse but for this SSHRC-funded project, she will be working with community partners from the United Way of Regina and the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation, along with their colleagues from across the country, on a number of community-based research projects addressing pressing questions they identify together.

Lynn leads the University of Regina’s Community Research Unit, which connects community groups and University of Regina faculty and students through research, service learning and other collaborative activities. She had a varied career prior to working at the university. She worked in a number of senior policy and communications roles in a variety of government ministries and agencies. Under her leadership, the Saskatchewan office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives grew into a respected and sustainable social policy think tank. Lynn continues to be a partner in the Regina-based strategic communications and marketing firm – Benchmark Public Relations.


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Awards and Distinctions

  • SSHRC – Joseph Bombardier Canada Graduate Doctoral Scholarship (2011-2014)
  • University of Nevada (Gaming Research Fellow) – 2012
  • Humanities Research Institute, University of Regina, Visiting Research Fellow – 2010.