Katherine Mac Donald


Katherine has been part of the nonprofit sector for over fifteen years. Volunteering in various organizations since high school (including the Salvation Army, Oxfam Québec and Big Sisters of Montreal), she began working in the industry in 2008 at the Montreal SPCA in direct services to the public. She then followed her passion for sustainable practices by completing a degree in Environment and Development at McGill University. Later landing a position as a fundraising and communications manager in an animal rights organization, she developed her skills in both areas, even becoming the spokesperson of the organization. Her interest in sustainable development, paired with her fundraising abilities, led her to further pursue her studies at Université de Montréal with the Nonprofit Management Certificate.

Within PhiLab, Katherine began by being a research assistant, translating various documents, including blog articles, research summaries and newsletters. After a year as the Communications Manager, she is now, the Co-Coordinator of the Network. This entails managing the members and partners, website, social media platforms, the monthly newsletter and many overarching coordination tasks.

Photo credit: Samuel B. Ofori

Awards and Distinctions

Local Award 2009- Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation


A big foodie, Katherine enjoys making (and eating) new and interesting meals from every corner of the world, especially if there is chocolate involved. She even started a food blog to showcase her own recipes and sustainable food practices she uncovered (www.grubgeeks.com). Katherine also enjoys going to music festivals, riding her bike on the empty streets late at night, spending time in a forest and arts & crafts.