Karine Levasseur


Dr. Levasseur works with Dr. Sid Frankel in exploring and evaluating the development and impact of the Winnipeg Foundation, the oldest community foundation (founded in 1921).

Karine Levasseur completed her Ph.D. in Public Policies from Carleton University in 2009 and is currently an associate professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Manitoba. Her research interests cover the relationships between civil society and the state with a particular focus on the ways in which nonprofits and charities participate in the public policy process in Canada. Her article “In the name of charity: Institutional support and resistance for redefining the meaning of charity in Canada” won the prestigious J. E. Hodgetts award as best article of the 2021 edition of Public Administration in Canada. Her other research interests include social politics, job market politics, and collaborative responsibility and governance.