Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC)


Description of the Organization

The Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation is a non-profit community-based environmental organization with the goal of protecting the Indian Bay watershed through research, community engagement, and sound stewardship. IBEC’s accomplishments include a major clean-up of waterways within the Indian Bay Watershed, increased public awareness, habitat restoration and management changes to the brook trout fishery in the Indian Bay Watershed. In addition, IBEC has partnered with various academic institutions and government agencies to compile a comprehensive database of habitat, life history and fisheries-related information through research efforts conducted in the watershed.

Partnership with PhiLab

IBEC will provide in-kind assistance to the Atlantic hub’s project in the form of communication (estimated at 75 hours), access to local expertise and case-required documents, totalling $1875, and graduate research assistant workspace valued at $240. The value of the in-kind support is $2090.

Deliverables for this project include knowledge generation and exchange between PhiLab’s Atlantic Hub and IBEC, and reinforcement of connections between research institutions, non-profits and various levels of government. This research will inform other environmental organizations in their charitable designation pursuit, and further research into innovative methods for creating economic development.