Fondation Béati


Description of the Organization

In solidarity with impoverished and excluded individuals and accomplice to groups fighting for justice, the Béati Foundation wants to contribute to the making of a world with more justice and solidarity. To do so, Béati gave itself the mission of accompanying and supporting the development of innovative initiatives that worked in this direction.

The Béati Foundation succeeds in its mission:

  1. By financially supporting projects with strong social innovation potential
  2. By contributing, through the support and accompaniment by its staff, to increase the power to act and the impact of actions put in place by the sector
  3. By investing their assets in a sustainable and socially responsible manner
  4. By making alliances with networks and organizations who share their values and concerns

Partnership with PhiLab

As a grantmaking foundation, the Béati Foundation deems the research objectives put forth by the team of researchers gathered around Mr. Fontan as being of interest and essential in a context where the philanthropic sector is more and more called upon by social, environmental and political conjuncture… as well as the people in the field! As a foundation, we believe, among other things, that we cannot afford to avoid making a well-articulated reflection on philanthropy’s role within our society. By becoming a partner, the Béati Foundation understands that they are committing to collaborate and participate in the research. The Foundation will bring its leadership and its knowledge of the issues and challenges faced by the philanthropic sector.