Community Foundations of Canada


Description of the organization

Community Foundations of Canada was founded in 1992 to support and connect community foundations working across Canada. The “movement” of community foundations has since grown considerably. Today, more than 90% of Canadian communities have access to a community foundation. Collectively our network stewards combined assets of more than $5.8 billion and we’ve put hundreds of millions back into communities. We champion the issues that matter to Canadians.

As a national leadership organization, we also act as a convenor, thought leader and partner to help make our communities stronger, more resilient and sustainable. We partner with organizations across sectors to unlock a wide range of opportunities, extending from social finance and impact investing, to helping Canada progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or mobilizing community data and knowledge. Explore our initiatives and topics to learn more about our work and the issues we care about.

Partnership with PhiLab

As the national network for 191 independent community foundations across Canada, CFC is keen to play a role in developing a better understanding of the systemic issues and challenges facing our community foundations and the communities that they serve. Participating and contributing to research initiatives such as this are just one of the ways that we hope to advance and contribute to a growing body of knowledge around our work and its impact.

As collaborators on the development of this project as well as participants in its previous phase, we have helped to shape its scope, focus and approach and have taken value from work over the last few years. We are confident that its implementation will result in tangible and practical research and knowledge that will be relevant not only to CFC and our network of community foundations, but to various community stakeholders and groups including those agencies and organizations whose community-based work is funded by community foundations.