April Lindgren


April Lindgren is the Velma Rogers Research Chair and principal investigator for the Local News Research Project at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism. Her research focuses on local news poverty, a term she applies to situations where local media are not addressing the critical information needs of communities. She spearheaded creation of the crowd-sourced Local News Map, which tracks changes to local news ecosystems and has led research projects documenting how local news unevenly available across Canada. Her current interest is in solutions to the problems faced by local media, including the potential for philanthropy to shore up local news. Before joining Ryerson, April spent two decades reporting economic and political news on Parliament Hill and at Queen’s Park in Toronto. She is a researcher of PhiLab’s Ontario Hub.

Our partner, The Philanthropist, has conducted an interview with April:

April Lindgren: Local journalism


Awards and Distinctions

  • Appointed Velma Rogers Research Chair, Ryerson School of Journalism, 2018.