The Quebec Hub Coordinator Role is Shifting Hands

28 February 2021

As of March 1st, 2021, the Quebec Hub coordinator role will be passing from Diane Alalouf-Hall to David Grant-Poitras

David Grant-Poitras has been with PhiLab since 2017. He started off as the Student Representative, mobilizing PhiLab’s students to participate in the Network’s many activities. He was also responsible for curating the content for our PhiLibrary, a monthly publication that brought together various scientific articles around a specific theme related to philanthropy. He is one of the most active authors of PhiLab’s blog. Outside of the lab, he is a Ph.D. student in Sociology at UQAM.

Welcome to the Quebec Hub coordinator team!

Word of Thanks

Diane Alalouf-Hall has been with PhiLab since its early days in 2015. She has greatly contributed to its development during the first phase of research as well as its expansion through the second phase. She always did so with outstanding passion and dedication.

We would like to take the time to highlight her enormous contribution to the Network, as PhiLab would not be what it is today without her contributions.


Below, you will find an impressive, but non-exhaustive list of her publications and work throughout her years at PhiLab. Up until now, she holds the record for most PhiLab publications, which includes 25 blog articles, 5 of which are interviews. This list does not include the many translations, revisions, administrative or support documents, presentations, events, or other publications that she worked on.

From everyone here at the PhiLab team, as well as from the Network as a whole, we would like to thank you for everything and wish you the best of success in all of your future projects!

Research reports

Other publications

Media publications

Diane’s blog articles

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