Press Release: The Ivey Foundation’s Decision to Distribute its Full Endowment by 2027

22 December 2022

From the beginning, PhiLab has aimed to be partnership-oriented in their research as well as their knowledge dissemination and mobilization efforts on grantmaking philanthropy. The content of the present press release represents the point of view of the author and their organization. We are sharing it and inviting you to react in order to feed the debate.

In the context of COP15 discussions around biodiversity, PhiLab would like to share this recent initiative of the Ivey Foundation. The directors of the foundation have decided on spending down their endowment over the next 5 years. This is but one of the paths grantmaking foundations can choose to participate in the fight against the climate crisis and to support COP 15’s ambitious goals to protect the Earth’s biodiversity. Let us not forget that these two crises are directly interlinked, and require the strong mobilization of actors and their resources. We can neither work in silos nor limit ourselves regarding the resources awarded to this cause.

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COP 15 and philanthropy's role